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[ written by Dave, 25.11.14 10:46 ]

Just to say: boycotting Spotify is a pointless endeavour. Many seem to think boycotting will somehow hurt Spotify. No, it won't. The Spotify userbase is growing, not decreasing. Boycotts are best when dealing with smaller matters. Spotify is already too large to feel the impact of boycotting. Unless EVERYONE boycotted it. But of course, they would have to boycott every other streaming service as well. Boycotting is redundant. We need to group within streaming services, and put pressure on them to change their model. The current model rewardsd the commercially successful ON TOP OF their success. If I pay $9.99 or £9.99 or €9.99, I certainly don't want R. Kelly or TI or Robin Thicke receiving a penny of it. Or Miley Cyrus or Rihanna or Rita Ora. Simply NO! There are enough people listening to them to be able to support them. If I pay a subscription, I want that money going to the artists I listen to. Running away from streaming might seem like a good idea, but I remember people running away from CDs once. I didn't like CDs either. Suddenly, though, I was confronted by the fact that I couldn't buy the music i wanted unless I was prepared to buy CDs. People ran away from downloading. Now downloading has become a standard means of owning an album. We don't all like it, nor do we have to. But downloads are now diminishing as a format for purchase as well. Vinyl has taken a hipster-fuelled leap upwards, of course, but for the most part, the concept of purchasing music seems to be one that is terminally ill. If streaming is the future of music, then it is our job as listeners to ensure that those who make the music we listen to can survive. And that means we must confront Spotify and the rest of the streaming services head on. Running away (aka "boycotting") suits them better, because only the marginalized, the minority, will do so. If you want your experimental black metal or free jazz or avant garde electronica or new classical music to continue, you need to support it, and the best thing to do is pressurize Daniel Ek and the moneygrabbers into fixing their broken models to benefit the artists. Those who are running away are fast becoming lone lunatics in the desert. We need to change the system from within, and we need to campaign and be united.


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