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After many weeks, languishing in various doldrums (I can't supply a Venn diagram of the various malaises and hideous circumstances that led to the unexpected silence here at DPM, but if I could, it would look impressive, despite the fact that it would describe so much woe, it would make Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia" seem like the perfect bedtime story for an anxious toddler), we will be back next week with a new look and new layout.

Written by: Dave  

Take to your social media, and share the track, share the #occupyspotify image, share the text above including the hashtag: #occupyspotify

Written by: Dave  

Fiona Talkington meets Jana Winderen for a noisy lunch break during a sound check at the Punkt festival in the seaside port of Kristiansand, Norway.

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Beady Belle seek photos for Best-of album booklet.

Written by: Dave  

Fiona Talkington meets Laurie Anderson for a lunch date at the Punkt festival in Kristiansand, Norway.




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