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On the fourth day of the Festival, Marilyn Mazur’s Sprit Cave played the South Bank's Purcell Room. Going for a seat in the centre of the front row was a big mistake, one that could be likened to getting a bad place at Wimbledon. There was so much going on from both sides of the room it was hard to keep up!


[ written by Kevin Briggs, 25.11.14 19:06 ]

I was at this concert and it was wonderful. I went because of the punkt gang,I had never heard of Marilyn Muzar, so I didn't know what to expect. It was the biggest percussion set up I have ever seen. It was an hour of being totally immersed and it could have easily been at the Punkt festival. Had a chat with the ever polite Jan after. Don't think Spirit cave has ever been release which is a shame. If it has please let me know. 2.5 huzzahs. kev


[ written by Dave, 26.11.14 17:03 ]

Thanks, Kev! :D The group has existed for just over a year, but no official recordings yet exist that I know of, either. Marilyn appeared at Punkt a few years back, and closed the festival with a remix featuring the same line-up plus Erik Honoré - fantastic! She also appeared in that festival with Jan and Per Jørgensen - utterly amazing stuff as well :) The number of great live albums that could come out of Punkt is astounding! But thus far, only a few official releases taken from the festival yet exist ... We should form a pressure group: "Sell Us More Punkt Stuff!"


[ written by Kevin Briggs, 26.11.14 19:41 ]

Could nt agree more Dave, plus a DVD of live stuff. I know the odd concert turns up but a full length release would be something to treasure. Let go the whole hog and have a book as well. Im No 2 in the pressure group. haha


[ written by Dave, 26.11.14 21:13 ]

Well, some bits of these things should be happening. I'll be doing what little I can to help, so fingers crossed! :D


[ written by Nitya, 18.09.15 08:59 ]

Just returned from Punkt 2015 where Spirit Cave played what was billed as a remix but in truth was a set. Just amazing!!!


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