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9 days after my first encounter with the machine, I was lucky to get to really spend a small hour and play around all by myself in a very quiet environment. Oh boy! This is really cool - it's even cooler than using my APC-40 and Ableton. It's so simple - so funny - nearly like a game. It will make you smile as it's entertaining to mess around with - even for grown ups.


[ written by Dave, 29.10.14 18:12 ]

"Because the thing about modern art is: how do you know if it's any good? You've got a representative piece of modern art, say a skull with some crispy pancakes stuffed into the eyesockets. How do you know if you should like it or not? It's all about the title. If it's called something pretentious, like 'The Death of Love', it's bad art. If it's called something honest, like 'Skull with pancakes', that's it, that's perfect." - Dylan Moran


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