Mei Yi Foo - Live @ Punkt Festivalen - 2015-09-03

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Thank you, Mei Yi Foo.

This was Punk at it's finest.

Mei Yi Foo was a new acquaintance for most of the DPM regulars who attends Punkt 2015. We did follow our DPM Punkt Survival Guide to the letter - and because of this we were blown away by Mei Yi Foo's piano play.

We where treated by works by Dai Fujikura, Unsuk Chin and George Benjamin. Dai Fujikura was also present at the concert.

The kind of music Mei Yi played at this concert is technically very hard stuff to perform. It's super duper fast, it's some of the most energetic piano music I have heard for many years - some may even say aggressive - it's all over the keyboard. It's not easy on the ear - as a listener you cannot have a head ache. In fact, you need to be really alert and awake.

HOWEVER - Mei Yi did perform this with compassion and technical excellence, which made the music really accessible to the full house of listeners. There even was a small kid present in front of me, and from time to time she stopped drawing with her colour pencils and just listened to the music. We are not talking about Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil here - this is music for grown ups. And even for mature grown ups. Not for a 5 year old kid. But still. The kid listened intently from time to time. I attribute this to superb playmanship by Mei Yi.

Mei Yi was amazingly excellent. I have never heard anything like this from someone playing contemporary music on the piano. I would say it's unique the way she plays. It was easy to spot that she was really giving everything - and the some. Not holding back on anything. This was easily noticeable after each piece - when she stopped playing it looked like she immediately relaxed - getting her breath back before venturing right to the next piece.

I have been to my fair share of Punkt concerts, and other concerts - but very seldom have I seen someone who's genuine happy and giving a broad smile because he or she was really happy with the performance.

To me, Mei Yi is an fantastic artist. Even if this is the very first time I hear her play, it really seems that she has some magic insight in these difficult pieces, more than just rehearsing a lot. This is really and insightful understanding of the muic - and also how to disseminate this understanding onto the audience.

Simply an amazing concert - with an remarkable artist.

Thank you, Mei Yi Foo.

This was Punk at it's finest.

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18.09.15 09:27
posted by: Nitya

I was at this concert and concur with Ruben's assessment. This was an amazing performance. I was very impressed by the strength of her left hand which she used like a jazz pianist, McCoy Tyner comes to mind. I mentioned this to Arne Bang after the audience cleared and a few of us were still hanging about chatting and was told Mei is also an accomplished jazz pianist.

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