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DPM was invited to an exclusive pre screening of the "Punkt – the documentary” produced by Kristian Mosvold and directed by Adrien le Gall.

DPM was invited to an exclusive pre screening of the "Punkt – the documentary” produced by Kristian Mosvold and directed by Adrien le Gall.

The 62 minutes documentary give you a a good view into the working process of Erik Honoré and Jan Bang when it comes to the Punkt festival.

This excellent film switches elegantly between concert performances, the live remixes, interviews with Jan and Erik - with the added point of views on the Punkt concept from several artists like Eivind Aarseth, Nils Petter Molvær, Sidsel Endresen, Audun Kleive and Laurie Anderson. We also learn how Punkt has opened up new collaboration avenues for several of the artists.
On this note, the movie mentions links between various artists and the festival it self. We wish that this would have been explored more in the movie.
The source materials from the concerts and remixes are from Punkt 2012 and to the event this summer in Prauge. For non recovering Punktaholics like DPM, this was some (12) very welcome flashbacks down the memory lane. The movie do show great respect to the source materials. When it comes to the concert segments where we are treated with not just a few secods, but often whole songs - and then the remixes of said songs.

However, the pick of the basket is how the live remixes are presented. From the interviews with Erik and Jan, new audiences to Punkt are getting the low down of the whole live remix shebang. This is elegantly presented with 6 segments of remixes from the Three Trapped Tiger concert in 2012, to the Clarinet Factory + Floex in Punkt meets Music Infinity in Praha this summer.

We also learn the history on how the festival came to be, and this has really not been common knowledge in the Punkt sphere until now. As many of the regular Punkt afficinados has noticed: This year Punkt went on tour - the movie will tell you a very interessting fact on one of the reasons why Punkt is going abroad.

Finally - our two Punkt wizzards let us have a peek behind the curtain regarding their working process on live remixing. As an audience we have so far in the life of Punkt only seen Jan dancing with his equipment, and Erik in deep concentration. Some of the mystery have now been lifted, and this segment of the movie was really enjoyable and informative.

The length of the film is just right - but any Punktaholic would of course enjoy seeing more source materials ;-)

All in all, this is a must to see for anyone attending Punkt 2015.

PUNKT Documentary - Teaser from Adrien Le Gall on Vimeo.


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18.09.15 09:14
posted by: Nitya

I was at Punkt and sat next to Ruben during the pre screening of the Punkt doc. Ruben is too modest to mention in his review he also took all the included photos. It was a dark theatre so I give 3 Huzzahs to Ruben for getting all the great photos. I was fortunate to speak with director Adrien Le Gall about the film during it's short run at Punkt. Due to prior commitments Punkt documentary will travel the film festival circuit before being commercially released and subsequently it will be released on DVD and Blu Ray. So unless you are fortunate enough to live in a city with an upcoming festival you will have to wait approximately six months before commercial release. The pre screen we saw was a work print and Adrien said he has a little fine tuning to do before commercial release. Ruben forgot to mention the pre screening also included two full Punkt concerts which Adrien may or may not include in the DVD extras if he can get the proper artist permissions.

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