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An exciting 'live' recording with all of the group on top of their game.

My first experience of Spin Marvel was when I saw them play live at King's Place in London last year as part of Nils Petter Molvær's three day residency as curator of Scene Norway 2. I couldn't believe what I saw as Martin France didn't even break into a sweat after drumming at full speed for 60 minutes, when most couldn’t have managed it for 60 seconds.


France and Molvaer are joined by Tim Harries on bass and Terje Evensen on electronics (aka 'Puul' these days), for the sessions that were originally recorded and produced for 'Jazz on 3'.


'Canonical' opens the album with one of the best starts to a record I have ever heard, Molvaer's trumpet flickering on and off with a heartbeat pumping away in the background. It immediately grabs your attention and doesn't let go for the whole album. 'Tuesday's Blues follows with a slow pounding vibrating bass line, long trumpet notes join in before France's drum rolls start sounding like a drunk marching band drummer who keeps missing his cue and has to catch up with himself, it’s a truly amazing thing to hear. 'Two Hill Town' starts with electronics that sounds like an angry wasp trying to escape from an empty jam jar, then a deep bass line, long trumpet drones and tippy-toe drumming all gradually build up like something's gonna happen. It's truly exciting. Electronics then take centre stage and the whole band are as one at 100mph (or should that be Nils per hour? Ouch, sorry). 'Leap Second' slows the pace down for a while; both the band and the listeners need a short breather anyway. 'Same Hand Swiss Double Pug' sound like someone breathing in a space suit, then a creepy slow tempo drum and bass leads us into one of France's most amazing drum solos I have ever heard. The album ends with 'Minus Two' with Emme Ramazanoglu guesting on drums. Atmospheric space-like electronics lead us into yet another amazing exhibition of drumming.


It's an exciting 'live' recording with all of the group on top of their game.


I really hope they go on tour with this album, it would be amazing to witness. 'Infolding' is available on Rare Noise Records, a label new on me, I'm off to see what other goodies they have.

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