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Terje Isungset - Meditations

posted by David on 06.05.15 17:11 in Music Reviews Print  

I think the success of this is recording over previous Isungset releases can be attributed to a slightly higher production standard and the use of non-ice instrumentation in conjunction with the proprietary ice instruments that define his sound. An excellent album!

My love affair with the music of Norway started around 1997/98 when I first heard Karl Seglem’s Trio Utla in a Christmas Concert from The BBC Radio 3/EBU annual broadcast Christmas Around Europe. This proved to be a life-changing moment. Not only was this the first time I had heard the Hardanger Fiddle, but also the extraordinary natural and agricultural sounds of percussion from Terje Isungset. A couple of years later I met up with them at a performance in Norwich.


This was before the percussionist had recorded using ice instruments, but maybe the idea had already been formed. In a way it was a natural progression after using stone and arctic birch in his kit. Meditations is the seventh recording in this medium and has to be the best and most interesting. The album opens with "Northwest Passage" featuring tolling ice chimes that sound almost as ...


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