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Kardeş Türküler - Live @ Bergen International Music Festival - BIMF, 2014-10-25

posted by Ruben on 29.10.14 20:44 in Concert Reviews Print  

The tunes are groovy - and the members are very focussed when they need to be, but have a lot of smiles on hand. I really felt that I had been welcomed into a warm, inclusive party that would never end.

The only regret I have is that the concert did not last twice as long.

When I saw the stage setup, I saw a lot of percussion. A lot. A huge amount, really. Wonderful!

I use what we at Dave's preach from our guide, How To Execute the Punkt Festival in Full at other festivals. [Remind me to read that guide! - Dave] Among other things, this means that one should never research upcoming acts. By browsing the programme, I had an very vague idea on what would happen during the event.

And it was wonderful. It was excellent.

It was something completely unexpected. Actually, I got what I vaguely expected - but not the massive percussion. It was a wall of rhythm, first hitting you on your nose tip - the penetrating your brain, and finally embracing your soul.

As far as I am from the Asia Minor region, I am not very much exposed to these kinds of sounds and music. I cannot really ...

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