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Møster! – Inner Earth

posted by Dave on 31.10.14 16:31 in Music Reviews Print  

I feel like I've been huffing pure oxygen, injected with adrenalin, snorting speed and thrown off a cliff to be caught by a giant eagle before hitting the rocks below.

There is no bombast here. None of that filigree that no one gives a damn about. This is unrepentantly, overcharged music that will shake you free of any notions you may have been harbouring about the improvised music of today. "Inner Earth" is the musical equivalent of free running through the end of the world.

In this, the sophomore outing for Møster! we are immediately given the manifesto for the album: near-psychedelic avant garde jazz exploration rendered in suitably smoky warm-toned saturation, percolating moments of torrid frenzy and laid-back jams. You can almost smell the sulphur and the heat, the gargling blopping of lava flows are ever-present, and if the listener isn't fearful of or excited by the prospect of being thoroughly incinerated, they aren't listening to the same record that I am now.


The four-part suite "Descending Into This Crater" begins with "Poutanian Debate", a kind of evocation of early science fiction movie soundtracks, a mixture of bassy ominous foreboding, and tense treble staccatos. The alternating 5ths that hum-buzz their way have a hint of an elevator to them, and more than a suggestion of something alien. The negotiation seems to be relatively amicable, but suitably strong-willed. Each member of the group jockey ...


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