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Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Live @ Korskirken, Bergen 2014-10-25 (Bergen International Music Festival)

posted by Jon-Trygve on 29.10.14 15:56 in Concert Reviews Print  

With the music ranging from very beautiful church music to more powerful and happy folk music where the members couldn't help but smile, the concert was a sublime experience. Should the choir come your way, make sure you don't miss them, because you simply don't get many opportunities to experience something like this!

Early Saturday evening the female choir Bulgarian Voices Angelite performed at the Korskirken in Bergen as part of the Bergen International Music Festival.

Korskirken, an old stone church (built ca 1150) almost literally at the city centre, was at most half-full, and that's a real shame. A concert with a choir like this is really an extraordinary experience, since the sounds and harmonies from this region are so different from anything else. And there are probably few better opportunities to get into this kind of music than to listen to this particular choir.


To the world at large, the Bulgarian Voices Angelite were totally unknown until the end of the cold war. The choir grew out of the remains of the old State Television Choir, dating back to 1952. Since the fall of communism, they have gained world fame, performed at Red ...


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