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Arve Henriksen – Places of Worship - Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds – 12 March 2015

posted by Kevin on 13.03.15 15:46 in Concert Reviews Print  

At the end the audience knew they had been treated to the best of concerts and in return gave a well-deserved long and loud applause.

It may have taken two years since its release to see Places of Worship played in full live, but boy was it worth it.

I can`t think of a more beautiful hall than the Howard Assembly Rooms with its magnificent timber barrelled ceiling to see, as far as I can recall, the first full length concert of Arve Henriksen`s 2013 release of Places of Worship. It had a joint release concert, with Jan Bang`s Narrative From the Subtropics, at Punkt Festival 2013.

Why this is the case I don’t know as it is such a lovely piece.


Arve is joined on stage by Jan Bang and Eivind Aarset. It doesn’t take long to know you are in for a special evening. Arve`s trumpet being delicate and haunting one moment and soaring the next, Jan as always entertaining with his box of tricks and Eivind, well it’s the first time I have seen him close up, he is usually hidden behind a table full of effect gizmos, to fully appreciate all the sonics ...


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