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Mayhem Machine by Marieke Verbiesen @ EKKO festivalen, 2014

posted by Ruben on 27.10.14 22:34 in Art reviews Print  

9 days after my first encounter with the machine, I was lucky to get to really spend a small hour and play around all by myself in a very quiet environment. Oh boy! This is really cool - it's even cooler than using my APC-40 and Ableton. It's so simple - so funny - nearly like a game. It will make you smile as it's entertaining to mess around with - even for grown ups.

The EKKO Festivalen is both an music and an art festival. The Mayhem Machine falls into the latter category.

And really, who in their right mind cannot simple fall in love with a machine which have a Really Big Button with the word "Reset" printed on it? Who cannot fall in love with a machine with an old fashioned chaos-joy-stick? Who cannot fall in love with a machine that will record your voice, and play it back just at the right moment? There is even a scratchpad! Wheeee!

The Mayhem Machine in all it's glory, programmed by myself :-)When I saw the machine, I immediately fell in love with the concept, as this interface form factor is something I myself have been contemplating creating a variant of using a microcontroller (Arduino) and another microcontroller (another Arduino) to make the sounds. Animations are not on my radar - too messy, too complex. Not to create an art piece, but rather that I ...

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Dave 29.10.14 18:12
posted by: Dave

"Because the thing about modern art is: how do you know if it's any good? You've got a representative piece of modern art, say a skull with some crispy pancakes stuffed into the eyesockets. How do you know if you should like it or not? It's all about the title. If it's called something pretentious, like 'The Death of Love', it's bad art. If it's called something honest, like 'Skull with pancakes', that's it, that's perfect." - Dylan Moran

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