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Golden Diskó Ship - Invisible Bonfire

posted by Dave on 05.11.14 14:51 in Music Reviews Print  


"Invisible Bonfire" is an album that defies categorization. It's a pop record with the fat rendered into soap, a rock record with the bones turned to meal, and an avant-folk record without any greenery in sight.

A swinging thud. Breathy female vocals sing-songing along. Various degrees of electronic processing of said vocals weaving in and out. Stop for synth drone (replete with overtones phasing). Beat re-enters, accompanied by synths and more vocals.


So begins "These Thoughts Will Never Take Shape", the opening track on "Invisible Bonfire" by Golden Diskó Ship, for whom stasis is clearly an issue. Even when those light female vocals return again, the accompaniment is utterly different, complete with a whimsical bluesy guitar line that disappears to return over yet another beat that judders along, only this time it sounds like something that has escaped from Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica". Yes, there are clear melodies, and distinct music motifs and patterns. However, to describe the song as "restless" is an understatement. The self-defeat proclaimed in the title is self-defeating as well, since there are definite shapes to the thoughts, however transitory ...


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