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Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Soused

posted by Dave on 13.10.14 16:15 in Music Reviews Print  

I don't need to know the ingredients in this goulash: it looks good, it tastes good and I feel damn good after eating it. Fuck it – I like it.

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14.10.14 11:52
posted by: Bennyboy

Best 'review'(in itself a weird word, since the thing hasn't even been 'viewed' before) of the album I've read so far. Having heard it, it's indescribable. You just have to listen and make your own mind up. Good on you for calling it as it is. Fuck everything.

Dave 14.10.14 12:28
posted by: Dave

Thanks, Bennyboy! It's a great album. It'll take me a while to digest the goulash fully (like everyone else). At the minute, I admit that still prefer the solo Scott Walker material, but time always plays a part in any changes to such a position. I just can't be bothered with all the hype and posturing that goes on when reviewers get going on a Scott trip. It's always short on real relevance, and long on paragraph padding (usually rehashes of the mythology with added "I majored in Literary Theory and I'm gonna use it" referential noodling). I thought honesty was the best policy, and I'm glad that at least one person has enjoyed that (if "enjoyed" is the right word!) Cheers!

14.10.14 13:06
posted by: Bennyboy

No, enjoy is the right word indeed. A very refreshing read, and an antidote to the usual bollocks. I can only assume The Wire will be in touch...arf arf.

Dave 14.10.14 13:32
posted by: Dave

Hehehe ... :D Could you imagine ...?

Dave 21.10.14 18:27
posted by: Dave

Been reading reviews of "Soused" by others ... hilarious stuff, mostly. The buzzword for the majority is "accessible". Many reviewers noticed things like melody. As though melody had never existed in Scott Walker's most recent output (I'm still not talking about Sunn O))) - will investigate at some point, perhaps). Walker's music has always had lyrical moments, melodies drifting across harsh sonic beds, like tropical birds flying through Antarctic deserts ... The effect is jarring, yes, but also incredible. There is nothing quite like that on "Soused", although there are many moments of interest. For me, this album fell short of Walker's most recent three albums (four albums, although "Climate of Hunter" is a different animal to - what is now being referred to as - the "Trilogy"). Simply put, it lacks variation in the way that "The Drift" and "Bish Bosch" deliver it - the abundance of shifts, textural variations, abrumpt tonal drops and ascents, the vocal performance from whine to spoken word ... none of this is fully present on "Soused". Yet I still enjoy the album, I must say. Just not as much as others. Many have also compared it to "Tilt" in terms of accessibility ... this is a pointless comparison. The two albums are day and night, and shouldn't even appear in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "'Soused' and 'Tilt' are nothing like eachother". "Tilt" is a gentle slope, the foothills of the mountains Walker would climb with "The Drift" and "Bish Bosch". "Soused" is a different mountain range altogether. Still mountains, just not quite so high, not quite so jagged, nor quite so steep. However, it's worth the climb. Saying that, I find myself returning to Walker's previous albums more as a result, while "Soused" only gets about one play in every ten. A large part of me is currently wishing for a chamber orchestra album from Walker now, while the rest of me wants a pure electronic album ... the latter in particular would knock a few people off-kilter. However, I guess we'll have a few years to wait for whatever it actually is that arrives next. More's the pity!

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