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Squarepusher - Damogen Furies

posted by Dave on 30.04.15 17:21 in Music Reviews Print  

Some tracks will certainly appeal to listeners more than others, but what those tracks will be is down to each individual listener. There are tracks that will downright irritate some, while the same tracks will populate others' favourites. And there lies the real beauty of Squarepusher: his music is divisive, obstreperous, rambunctious, yet very handsome. We can forgive all those little missteps (as we see them) because he gets so many other things … RIGHT!

You dreamt you were a music critic, leaping around your garret, desperately searching for that thesaurus you were using to cheat at Scrabble just the night before. The drunken haze of that night envelopes you as though the very essence of the universe was melting to form an endless flow of reality, sweeping you away. Memories from your childhood flash across your mind, a perpetual stream of single images – the Christmas you were disappointed; the day that boy came to your birthday party and you had no idea who he was, but he smelled funny; the first time you saw the sunlight breaking into REAL BEAMS through clouds; etc – rapidly coming through at 340.29 frames per second. You find yourself craving raspberry jello for no obvious reason. You're not sure whether you've ever been a smoker, so you don't know whether to start or quit. And you've just ...


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