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Swift Flows The Stream. Part One.

posted by Dave on 12.11.14 14:38 in CEREBRATIONS Print  

I often compare listening to music as being very similar to eating food. You can't live on an unhealthy diet of fast food, and expect physical health. Likewise, you can't listen to musical fast food and expect to be psychologically satisfied by it. The bulk of "diva" music rarely amounts to being anything more than a ball of lard and sugar.

A while back on Facebook, Ruben gleefully shared a link to David Rees's "Aphex Swift" mashup album, from which there is an example below:





This was the text he added:



... it would be even easier to shut up and stop being so snobby because both T-Swift and Richard D. James (the man behind Aphex Twin's glitchy drums and swirling synths) are both awesome.

"Recognition of this dual awesomeness was behind the decision by postmodern Renaissance man David Rees to spend the summer creating Aphex Swift—a full-length album mashup of the two artists' music."



Naturally, I felt that this was a challenge in the making, and asked Ruben if he would review Taylor Swift's 1989album for DPM …



Ruben is not one to shy away from a challenge. However, his wife, Silje, felt he couldn't ...


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